Subtracks in Brain Sciences include

  • Behavioural Decision Making
  • Evolutionary Decision
  • Psychiatric Disease
  • Degenerative Diseases of the Brain and Cognition

Supported Projects and Meetings

  • With the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS), we are launching lectures in 2015 that will culminate in a full day symposium in 2016. We will highlight research on evolutionary neurobiology, evolutionary perspectives on psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, and behavioral decision-making in a health context. World-leader in evolutionary medicine, Randy Nesse, will be a keynote¬†speaker.

  • Why Didn’t Natural Selection Make Brains Better? Foundations for Evolutionary Neuroscience¬†(March 2015): A talk by Dr. Randy Nesse, Foundation Professor of Life Sciences, Founding Director of the Center for Evolution & Medicine, Arizona State University.
  • The Evolution of Human Longevity and Grandmother Cognitive Health¬†(October 2015): A talk by Dr. Molly Fox, University of California Irvine.