TriCEM fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration in the Triangle and beyond. Before writing or submitting a proposal please converse with our Assistant Director, Melissa Manus. We are eager to hear your ideas.  Note that TriCEM funds do not cover indirect costs or Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs.

Seed Grants (October 2, 2017)

Seed Grants provide funding to initiate new research among interdisciplinary groups of faculty. Funds can be used for lab expenses, staff, field research, and other direct research expenses that would position the teams for external funding or publications (up to $20,000). PIs must be faculty from Duke or any UNC-System university, such as NC State or NC Central. Proposals should have a clear interdisciplinary focus and include multiple PIs or participants from different schools and/or universities, potentially including at least one person from a school focused on human or animal health (i.e., medical, dentistry, nursing, veterinary, or public health).  Application Process and Details

Graduate Fellowships (October 2, 2017)

Graduate Fellowships are one-semester fellowships for graduate students to pursue research in evolutionary medicine. To be eligible, a student must be currently enrolled at Duke or any UNC-System university and have completed one year of their graduate program by the time the fellowship commences. We expect the graduate student to lead and author aspects of the proposed research, and to use their fellowship starting in the fall spring semester of 2017. Application process and details.

Working Groups (October 2, 2017)

Working Groups involve small groups of scientists (~8-12 participants) collaborating intensively on synthesis papers, analyzing existing data, or working intensively toward new grant submissions. We expect that most working groups will foster new collaborations, and most will involve the analysis or synthesis of existing data, theoretical models, or both. Participants should include a mix of senior and emerging researchers, including graduate students and postdocs. The PIs and majority of the participants should be from Duke or any UNC-System university, with plans to meet at least monthly over the course of the year. Funding provides travel support for additional members to participate, and for expenses during meetings. Application Process and Details

Symposia and Invited Speakers (not currently an active program)

We accept on a continuous basis short proposals for invited speakers, and in exceptional cases, symposia, debates, and other community activities. We are not currently accepting formal applications for symposia, but please get in touch with Melissa Manus ( to discuss questions or ideas. Application Process and Details