Is Biodiversity Good for Human Health? A Debate at Duke University

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Many of the most newsworthy infectious disease outbreaks of today are harbored in wildlife, including Ebola, SARS coronaviruses, and Lyme disease. Evidence also suggests that risks from some types of infectious diseases are reduced when ecosystems are healthy and intact. What are the conditions under which biodiversity is “good” for human infectious disease risks, and when does biodiversity serve as a “spark” for emergence of disease in human populations? We will engage with this important topic in a debate format, focusing on views that engage biodiversity as a bene cial “ecosystem service,” versus the view that biodiversity comes with health risks that should be managed. e event will conclude with perspectives from local experts in conservation biology and infectious disease ecology.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2016 | 5:00-6:30PM FIELD AUDITORIUM, DUKE ENVIRONMENT HALLEvent 2 - Biodiversity and Health

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